Episode 6: Slim Fast Season

All businesses look for a way to sell their product all year long. Slim Fast markets several times a year starting in January, now that the egg nog buzz and snicker doodle high has subsided and we realize how many pounds those does darn moist cookies pack on we begin our liquid diet to regain our confidence. Once we drop the winter weight Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras and Easter come along. And again we put on a few pounds from the numerous left over ham sandwiches, don't want to waste food, and buttery nipple shots we threw back in celebration of Fat Tuesday. Once the food has settled and the liquor is down we realize swim suit season is approaching and again the mocha or strawberry shakes start flowing in hopes of reclaiming our figure back. So once summer has past Slim Fast has no audience for a while.......but I have found the cure for the fall advertising season. The answer is to advertise to military wives, why, because we need to get into our ball gowns. Once school has begun it is Military ball season. We have the Marine Ball, Navy Ball, Army Ball, Air Force Ball and then heck some areas even have their own balls on top of that. My husband reminded me of this fact as he came home the other day with the date for our military ball and all I could think was "why did I have to eat so many hot dogs this summer?" So as I spend the next two months getting in shape to look hot in a gown that will only be on for one night in a room full of people I only know by call sign I say to Slim Fast we should be your fall advertisement slot. Imagine instead of pictures of moms playing with their kids in the park it could be flashes of military wives next to their hunky soldier in their formal gowns. That sounds pretty inspiring to me.
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    ugh... ours is Hawaiian themed, and I decided if I was skinny, then I could wear a dress from our honeymoon, but there is 20 pounds between me and it!